Gorgeous Sunflower Macropad Will Grow On You | Hackaday

Once [Hide-key] saw the likes of the banana and corn macro pads, they knew they had to throw their hat in this strange and wonderful ring. Some family members suggested a sunflower, and off they went looking for inspiring images, finally settling on a more iconic and less realistic design which we think is quite beautiful.

This lovely little macro pad has seven keys hiding under those petals, with the eighth major petal concealing a XIAO RP2040 microcontroller. The rest of the major petals actuate a low-profile Kailh choc in — what else? — brown. Don’t worry, the middle isn’t a wasteland — there’s a low-profile rotary encoder underneath. Part of the reason this flower looks so great is that [Hide-key] started with SLA prints, but the paint choices are aces as well. If you’d like to grow your own sunflower, everything about this garden is open-source. Tailor Made Vitamin Premix

Gorgeous Sunflower Macropad Will Grow On You | Hackaday

Oh yes, we totally covered the banana and the banana split, though we must have missed out on the corn. We hear that when you try it with butter, everything changes.

Fantastic! Adding little bits of whimsy to your daily grind/life is such an under-rated way of helping your mental health.

Not just for [Hide-key], but for us as well… I should have skipped looking at the news and come straight to Hackaday.

Hide-key has made more macropads that are not featured on HaD, but available on his reddit and github. It’s cool to see how he went from assembling keyboards 6 months ago to now creating several original macropads featured on

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Gorgeous Sunflower Macropad Will Grow On You | Hackaday

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