Hydraulic Table Carts: Our Top Picks

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If your small business manufactures or warehouses items, hydraulic table carts are a must. From ergonomics to safety and efficiency, these carts provide many use cases to make your operations that much better. Autobody Frame Machine

Hydraulic Table Carts: Our Top Picks

Hydraulic table carts have become indispensable tools for businesses across various industries. Whether you’re operating a workshop, a warehouse, or even a retail store, the benefits of a hydraulic table cart go beyond the apparent mobility and adjustability.

For those using these carts for their business or professional work, here’s a deeper dive into their advantages:

If you are in the market for a hydraulic table cart and you want to find out more, the 10 units on this list cover a range of sizes, weight limits, and use cases.

Top Pick: With up to 1,760 pounds of load capacity the APOLLOLIFT is the top pick. This hydraulic lift has a minimum height table of 18.7” and it can raise the table up to 59”. It also includes a hydraulic pedal, an overload valve, and a convenient finger release to control the table. This lift weighs 379lbs.

The company provides free maintenance within 1 year of receipt.

APOLLOLIFT Double Scissor Hydraulic Lift Table

Runner Up: A close second is the Vestil cart, which can lift 1,500 pounds. However, this unit has a higher range when it comes to raising the table. It has a minimum height of 19” and it can be raised to an impressive 68”. Other features include steel double scissors, a two-speed foot pump, and an internal hydraulic velocity fuse in each cylinder. It is also heavy, coming in at 543lbs.

Vestil CART-1500-D-TS Steel Double Scissor Cart

Best Value: The VisHomeYard table is the ideal lift for businesses that don’t require extremely heavy lifting. With a load capacity of 330lbs, it will work for many small businesses. It has a 12” minimum height and a maximum of 49”. Features include a leak-proof sealed pump, double scissors, security support bar, lifting foot pedal, and quick-release handle. It weighs 113lbs.

Like the VisHomeYard, the Legines also has a 330lbs capacity, 12” minimum height, and 49.6” maximum lift height. Some of the noteworthy features include a heavy metal bracket, hydraulic pump, rubberized handle, and a detachable pedal. It weighs 112.6lbs.

Legines Double Scissor Hydraulic Lift Table

The 1000lbs capacity hydraulic table cart from Pake has some very strong parts, including ½” steel plate scissor lift legs. This unit has a minimum height of 11” and a maximum height of 34 ½” along with lifetime lubricated bearings, foot-operated floor lock, anti-skid-pedal, and release handle. It weighs in at 163lbs.

This other entry from Vestil is made from stainless steel and has an 800-lb capacity along with 15-1/2″ to 50-3/4″ minimum and maximum height. The platform, frame, handle, caster rigs, and hardware is made of stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance. Addition corrosion resistance includes zinc-plated scissor legs, pump assembly, and hydraulic cylinders. It weighs in at 275lbs.

Vestil Stainless Steel Hydraulic Scissor Lift Cart

Providing up to 1000lbs of load, this Pake is a premium low-profile double ½” steel plate scissor lift table. The platform is 40.5×24” with a minimum height of 11.5” and a maximum height of 61”. It is made of steel and has a single-speed hydraulic pump, and foot operation for pump and release. It weighs in at 316lbs.

Pake Handling Tools Double Scissor Lift Table

Made from alloy steel the JEGS hydraulic lift has an 1100lb capacity. It uses a foot-operated hydraulic lift with dual scissors for the lift mechanism. The 10.5” minimum height makes it one of the lowest platforms and the maximum height only goes up to 31”.  It weighs in at 125lbs.

The BestEquip is somewhere in the middle when it comes to capacity. At 500lbs it can be used as a light and heavy-duty lift. It only has a maximum height of 28.5”, but it goes pretty low at 9”. It is made with premium alloy steel and has a pedal design for the hydraulic, which uses the Japanese NOK brand to prevent leaks. It weighs in at only 80lbs.

BestEquip Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table

This APOLLOLIFT can carry 770lbs and comes with the same premium materials as the 1760lb version. The only difference is the minimum and maximum lifts which are 13.8” and 51.2” respectively.  Other than that it also includes a foot pump, manual push, an easy-release lever for lowering, and an overload valve. The unit weighs 225lbs.

APOLLOLIFT Double Scissor Hydraulic Lift Table/Cart 770lbs

Simply put, a hydraulic table cart raises and lowers the platform mechanically. The mechanism can be manual or powered. The table carts allow users to move heavy objects around easily so they can be loaded into a vehicle or a warehouse. Shops also use them to work on engines, furniture, or other items at a comfortable height while being able to move them around.

The biggest factors in getting a hydraulic table cart are ergonomics and safety. This is the ideal equipment to ensure your staff is positioned correctly and safely when they pick up or work on a heavy object. Adjusting the height and being able to move it without any load stress on the user is very beneficial.

A hydraulic table cart is a very useful tool. Whether you are a manufacturer or a warehouse, the mobility and safety it offers are undeniable. But before you get one, here are some things you should you need to look out for:

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Hydraulic Table Carts: Our Top Picks

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