Long lasting dog chews to keep your dog happy and occupied all day long

Long-lasting dog chews are the ticket to happy, fulfilled pooch downtime. Not only are chews useful as a treat for dogs to help train and reinforce positive behaviour, but you might also find them a safeguard for your furniture and other bits and bobs your dog might otherwise get his teeth into. If your dog suffers from anxiety or is easily bored, a chew is usually a good distraction for him to focus on instead. The act of chewing, too, is good for the dog’s teeth in reducing tartar and plaque, so helps to keep them strong and clean – and their breath sweet! Dental chews for dogs are designed specifically for this.

The trouble is, those canine teeth are strong, and often a chew that you thought would last a few hours or even a day is polished off in minutes. All that’s left is the puppy-dog eyes beseeching you for seconds. Furthermore, a flimsy dog chew can have negative side-effects if the dog tries to gobble them down too quickly as he risks swallowing broken chunks that can cause stomach problems. Healthy Dog Biscuits,Oem Dog Biscuits,Natural Dog Biscuits

Long lasting dog chews to keep your dog happy and occupied all day long

But not all dog chews are equal. While a regular chew might be decimated in minutes as a quick treat, long-lasting chews are designed to keep a dog busy for hours, and distract your dog from gnawing on that antique table leg. That’s got to be worth a bit of investment…

Long-lasting dog chews tend to advertise their durability, so look out for that on the label. Different chews are designed for the full range of canine sizes and their taste preferences – natural dog chews are available, too – and many chew companies also cater specifically for the different needs of puppies.

Always give your dog a chew that’s appropriate for his size – that is, larger than the mouth, so they have to work at it, gnawing it down. This prevents aggressive chewing or gulping. And they should always be supervised with a chew.

Sizes: Small (pack of two) or large (pack of one) RRP: £12.99 for small; £14.99 for large

The 4Dogs Original chunks of deer antler are 100% naturally shed in the Highlands of Scotland, so as well as being long-lasting they are sustainable (deer cast their antler annually). There is no concern about sharp antler points, as each chunk is hand-sanded for safety. Antler is known to have a low risk of splintering, and they have health benefits, too, containing calcium, chondroitin, phosphorus, manganese and zinc, which help to keep their bones and teeth strong. They are extremely hard, so suit a strong chewer who loves to gnaw.

As a natural product, they come in various shapes and sizes. They look expensive for their size (they are sold by weight), but they really do last and dogs love them.

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Flavours: Chicken, peanut butter or beef Sizes: S (up to 15kg), M (up to 30kg) or L (up to 40kg) RRP: From £4.99 for small

Bamboodles  T-Bone is tough and “designed to make dogs’ tails wag”. It is made of combined bamboo and nylon fibres to create a long-lasting durable chew toy suitable for all dogs, and is ideal for the more destructive chewers.

The T-Bone shape is ideal for dogs’ front paws and keeps them busy for hours, as well as controlling plaque and tartar with the chewing action. The textured surface mimics wood for an authentic and satisfying experience.

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Sizes: XS–XL RRP: From £10.98 for a pack of three

A long-lasting dog chew designed to keep your dog busy for a while, based on a traditional Himalayan yak chew recipe. They are very hard, so suitable for strong chewers. These are a great natural option, without additives or junk, as they are made from cow’s milk which is transformed into cheese and then pressed and air-dried for three months. This makes them appropriate for those dogs on a gluten-free or grain-free diet.

There are many versions of these available and some have the lactose removed in the curing process, so if your dog is lactose-intolerant, look out for these.

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Sizes: XS–XL RRP: From £9.99 for a pack of two

We’re told not to let our dogs chew sticks for fear of splinter damage, however Alp Chews olive wood branch is harder than native woods and naturally close-grained, so it doesn’t splinter like the sticks found in the park. The hardness of the wood means the dog devours it slowly. It is impregnated with olive oil which is good for a healthy coat and immune system. It also contains elements of iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium which are beneficial for the diet.

Especially appropriate for those who have a taste for table legs, as this wooden bone can help satiate that instinct.

The branch is sustainably harvested from Mediterranean olive trees.

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Flavours: Chicken, beef, salmon, peanut butter, venison Sizes: Stix (under 6.8kg), S (up to 20.4kg), M (up to 34kg) or L (more than 35kg) RRP: From 99p for one stick

Earth Animal No-Hide provides a healthier alternative to rawhide, with 80% digestibility. It has just seven simple ingredients: brown rice flour, organic eggs, olive oil, banana, pineapple, agar-agar and one flavour-bursting sustainably sourced protein.

These no-hide chews are twice-baked to provide extra durability and a satisfying chewing experience, and promote doggy dental hygiene.

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Flavours: Bacon, mint, peanut butter or beef Sizes: Small or medium/large RRP: From £10.85 for small

Apasiri’s chew toy is specifically designed for extreme chewers. This toy, which is shaped like a bone with pimples on the straight part, is made of food-grade nylon and natural rubber. This means it should not splinter or break. The pimples are designed to help clean the teeth, reducing plaque and tartar.

This chew bone has passed more than 1,000 bite-resistance tests of professional equipment and is feted as “almost indestructible”.

It’s not only fun for your pet to gnaw on, but is also an ideal interactive toy for games of fetch or retrieve.  And – in four tempting flavours – dogs will agree, it tastes great!

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Long lasting dog chews to keep your dog happy and occupied all day long

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