APR updates design guide with on-pack labeling tips

The Association of Plastics Recyclers’ Global Design Catalog provides information on plastic recycling guidelines all over the world. | WeStudio/Shutterstock

The Association of Plastic Recyclers’ Global Design Catalog just got a facelift, bringing its design recommendations in line with the most recent recyclability requirements.  Plastic Part Design

APR updates design guide with on-pack labeling tips

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) offers the catalog as a resource for brands and packaging suppliers to easily check plastic packaging recyclability guidelines in countries around the world.

(APR owns Resource Recycling, Inc, publisher of Plastics Recycling Update.) 

Steve Alexander, APR president and CEO, said in a press release that “package producers worldwide rely on the APR Design Guide for Plastics Recyclability and the APR Global Design Catalog.” 

“Although the principles of recyclable package design are universal, recycling infrastructure, packaging trends, culture and attitudes toward resource management vary regionally, even within each country,” he added. 

The Global Design Catalog includes information on Chile, Denmark, the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

It covers recyclability criteria evaluations of design features for rigid PET, rigid HDPE, rigid PP and flexible PE film packaging. 

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Packaging producer TC Transcontinental Packaging will invest $60 million to develop a recyclable all-PE flexible plastic package with greater heat resistance.

Reynolds Consumer Products has agreed to change advertising language and pay up to $4 million to settle one of multiple lawsuits alleging its marketing of recycling collection bags is illegal. 

One academic study from Iowa explored using residential PP scrap at different levels in new food bottles, and another in Japan discovered nine different polymer types as microplastics in clouds. 

Amazon will roll out an online resource to help sellers participate in the company’s sustainability programs, including packaging sustainability efforts.

The province of Quebec is rolling out a plan to divert more agricultural plastics through an extended producer responsibility program. 

Advanced Drainage Systems continues to be a heavyweight in the recycled plastic arena, buying 540 million pounds of recycled material in 2023 and consuming a quarter of the recycled pigmented HDPE bottles in the United States.

Plastic Recycling Inc. has launched a post-consumer PP scrap processing line, with an eye toward obtaining an FDA food-contact letter for curbside recyclables in the near future.

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APR updates design guide with on-pack labeling tips

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