How Suspenders Can Be Used To Keep A Fitted Sheet From Slipping Off The Bed

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When it comes to an orderly bed, there are two kinds of people: Those who don't care when the sheets slip off during the night and those who want their bed to look and feel put together even when sleeping. During the night, your sheets will most likely slide off the mattress regardless of how much you move or don't while sleeping. This can happen for many reasons; your sheets may be too small for your mattress, your sheets may have worn-out elastics, or your mattress may feature a silky smooth surface that lacks friction. There's no reason to take extreme measures, though. Female To Male Extension Tube

How Suspenders Can Be Used To Keep A Fitted Sheet From Slipping Off The Bed

Sheet suspenders are adjustable elastics that help your fitted sheets stay in place, similar to suspenders for pants. They are pretty cheap and extremely convenient; anyone can put them on with little to no help. Sheet suspenders come in different models; some are X-shaped, others go around the perimeter of the sheet with hooks and clips, and others are simple elastic bands with one clip on each end. However, the most commonly used kind features three clips and elastic bands to create a triangle under the corner of the bed.

Regardless of the type you choose, sheet suspenders will stop your sheets from slipping off the mattress. Learn how these little gadgets can save you lots of headaches!

Sheet suspenders are easy to put on, and there are two popular models you'll find in the market that work great. To use triangle-elastic sheet suspenders, like these from Amazon ($8.99), place your sheets inside-out over your mattress or any flat surface. Then, take the suspender and clip the middle strap to the end of the corner seam, right over the elastic it comes with. After that, grab the sheet by the corner and stretch it up to 6 inches to place the second and third clips, each to one side of the middle. Finally, put the corner of the sheet under the mattress and adjust the elastics for them to have a tight grip.

Other models are a little more cumbersome. Despite offering a sturdy grip to your sheets, you'll need an extra set of hands or be a strong human to use X-shaped ones like these from Amazon ($10.65). First, place your fitted sheet on the mattress like you usually would, and then lift the mattress. After that, attach the first set of clips on one corner of the sheets, about 6 inches to both sides of the corner seam. Repeat the process on every corner of the bed to create an 'X' or cross shape at the back of the mattress. Check the tightness of the elastic bands before finally putting the mattress down, and there you go, you have perfectly fitted sheets! 

Now, if you are handy and like to do things yourself, there's also an easy way to make your own sheet suspenders quickly and affordably. You'll need a 1-inch-wide elastic band for sewing, enough thread, a needle, and a pair of scissors to cut everything.

Cut two elastic straps, one twice as long as the other, and sew them, creating a 'T.' Then, place it over the corner of the sheet. Now sew the longer strap ends to the sheet, each 6 inches away, left and right of the corner seam. After that, stretch the short elastic band and sew it to the corner seam of the bed sheet to form a tight triangle. Finally, cut any extra elastic. Repeat this for each of the corners of the sheet. This method will give additional resistance to the suspender. It'll also allow you to always have your sheet suspenders on and not have to take them off before washing the sheets. You could also try this method with safety pins for a temporary solution.

How Suspenders Can Be Used To Keep A Fitted Sheet From Slipping Off The Bed

High Pressure Male Luer Lock Connectors Another way to stop your sheets from slipping off is to get a long elastic band to put over your sheets around the entire mattress. If you own silk sheets that slip off too much, use a mattress topper or a cotton fitted sheet underneath to improve friction. Whether you buy sheet suspenders or make them yourself, having one in every bedroom is a wonderful addition to your house.