Based in Codogno south of Milano in Italy, Bare Board Consultants, has been operating since 1990. The company expects to reach net sales of about SEK 90 million (EUR 8.28 million) in 2022 with an estimated EBITA of SEK 9 million (EUR 829,054). The company provides – via its suppliers in China – customers with PCB solutions in the High-Mix-Low-Volume segment, mainly in the industrial and medical sectors, a press release reads. 

“Bare Board Consultants is a well-known trader of high-quality PCBs and complements our Italian business very well. It is an important component of NCAB’s strategy to actively participate in the consolidation of the market. Bare Board Consultants will be integrated with NCAB Group Italy,” says Anders Forsén, CFO of NCAB. Pcb Order

NCAB Group acquires Italian PCB supplier

The transaction is currently expected to close in January 2023 and Bare Board Consultants employees will relocate to NCABs existing office in the area. NCAB says that it expects synergies in areas such as suppliers, payment terms and factory management as well as in logistics.

NCAB Group acquires Italian PCB supplier

Mosquito Bat Circuit Board “We are happy to be joining forces with NCAB Group. Bare Board Consultants is a customer oriented organization with a strong focus on quality, reliability and service. Becoming part of NCAB Group will give our customers access to the best technology and their extensive factory base in Asia and Europe, as well as increased resources and competence worldwide,” says Luigi Faliva, former owner and Chairman of Bare Board Consultants, in the press release.