The Emalahleni Local Municipality on Sunday, November 20 said progress on the transformer installation work of the 132kV KwaGuqa Substation is almost at ninety per cent (90%) and on schedule for completion.  

The municipality has cautioned community  members against misinformation regarding the work done at the substation. Power Isolation Transformer

Emalahleni Local Municipality addresses misinformation regarding KwaGuqa’s transformer | Witbank News

This follows false allegations that the municipality plans to take the KwaGuqa  transformer to Buffer Substation.

The electricity supply to the communities of KwaGuqa New Extension is made possible by utilising electricity being fed into the main intake point of the 132 kV substation from Eskom.

From there it is supplied to distribution substations (ring substations, Empumelelweni) and further supplied to distribution mini substations and pole-mounted transformers  which are at this point supplying consumers with electricity.

As the two main transformers failed at the 132 kV substations, it warrants the municipality to search for and install a transformer of similar size, specifications, and configuration.

During the search, it was established that the type of units are not available and either had to be repaired or manufactured, which in both cases were time-consuming.

As an immediate and contingent measure, the same capacity transformer could be sourced from other municipalities  or private manufacturers or suppliers.

A unit was sourced and certain configurations had to be made at both substations (132 kV substation, panels, cabling) and distribution lines.

This is to accommodate all consumers with available capacity.

The need for the Empumelelweni distribution transformer is mainly for all consumers including Empumelelweni to be supplied with electricity.

The transformer is NOT to be installed in the Buffer Substation as rumoured.

Further that as it stands, that transformer is not working.

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Emalahleni Local Municipality addresses misinformation regarding KwaGuqa’s transformer | Witbank News

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